Advanced duplicate content detection

Sitebulb's comprehensive duplicate content report helps you reduce the risk of duplicate content suppressing your website's ability to rank.

Karen Julia

Karen Julia

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Sitebulb was already a favourite SEO tool that I use on every client project, I thought it had already reached peak-awesome, but I was wrong. The new layout in version 3 adds razor sharp clarity to the different features of this value packed software. The duplicate content report makes my site audits so much easier, and with Similar Content it provides a level of detail other tools fall short on.

Quickly identify duplicate content

Duplicate content can significantly hinder your organic search performance and can also have a negative effect upon user experience. Sitebulb's detailed Duplicate Content Hints will immediately flag any duplicate content issues, so you can deal with them before they become a problem.

Duplicate Content Hints

All bases covered

Sitebulb identifies all the main areas where duplicate content can cause issues:

  • Identical HTML content
  • Technically identical URLs
  • Duplicate title tags
  • Duplicate meta descriptions
  • Duplicate h1s

Find near-duplicates

In addition to all the basic duplicate content analysis, Sitebulb goes way beyond this, also checking for 'near-duplicates', which we call 'Similar'. These are pages that have substantially similar content, without being exact duplicates. It does this using an advanced content extraction and comparison algorithm, allowing it to detect matching chunks of text within the HTML content.

It will pick out the pages with similar content, so you can make fully informed decisions on how to treat them.

Similar content example

Understand where the problems lie

Knowing there is duplicate content is useful, but it's even more useful to know where that duplicate content fits in the site, so you can understand what underlying patterns or pages might be causing it, which is where the depth and path charts come in very handy.

Patterns and paths

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