Communicate clearly with clients and developers

Utilise different reports and content formats for different stakeholders.

Andrew Girdwood

Andrew Girdwood


Sitebulb's dashboard dials are easy to screen grab and then pop into a presentation or email and show clients. I'm also a fan of the comprehensive export functionality, which lets us use Sitebulb to discover pages to look at and then do a deep dive on them, inspecting by hand, writing up business cases or dropping into JIRA to share with our developers.

The most important part of your SEO audit

The job of an SEO is to interpret audit data and translate it into meaning – and then communicate these meanings to relevant stakeholders.

Effective communication earns client buy-in, which leads to implementation; and this is the only way your audit translates into value for the client.

Sitebulb is designed to make communication clear, easy and actionable, so your audits offer the most value possible.

Comprehensive explanations of SEO issues

Issue descriptions are written in clear, client-friendly language that can literally be copy/pasted into your website audit. 'Learn More' pages on the website provide more comprehensive explanations for every issue, using plain-English language to communicate potential risks and suggested resolutions.

This allows you to present solutions to your clients, rather than problems.

Clear Hint description

Instantly communicate with top-level metrics

Top level audit scores for each area of optimization enable you to provide a high-level view of the website, and easily create executive summaries for clients and management.

Over time, site improvements can be monitored at a high level and easily conveyed to clients.

Audit scores

Show developments over time

Sitebulb offers multiple comparative elements that allow you to see and track changes over time. This allows you to monitor and report on any major changes that have a large impact, while also show progressive improvement over time as changes get implemented.


Drop visualisations directly into your audit

Charts and graphs can quickly communicate meanings that may otherwise not be apparent, particularly when you are trying to convey the scale of a certain issue. Sitebulb provides a wealth of charts, graphs and data tables that can easily be exported and dropped directly into your audit.

lots of pages noindexed

Visualise website architecture

SEOs have struggled for years to explain site architecture issues to their clients, and Sitebulb's award-winning Site Visualisations make this possible like no other tool on the market, and they have revolutionized how SEOs think about and report on website architecture.

Crawl Map

Helpful spreadsheet exports

Your audit is not complete without an accompanying set of spreadsheets, which serve to document the issues found and provide an implementation checklist for developers. In Sitebulb, every data table can be exported to CSV or directly into Google Sheets, making it easy to share data with clients or developers, in the format that is right for them.


Professional PDF reporting options

Sitebulb arms you with everything you need to produce clear, focused website audits which are customised to your client's specific needs. It also offers you the option of creating instant, automatically generated PDF audits with a high degree of flexibility.

They allow you to pick and choose exactly what you want to include for the specific situation:

  • Print only the Hints, to quickly show a client without going through the whole report with them.
  • Print only the scores and graphs, for a high-level report to give to executives.
  • Print a prioritised list of Hints to give to a developer to work through.
  • Print a reduced report to send to prospective clients, to pique their interest but not overwhelm them with data.

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