Comprehensive Reports

Sitebulb extracts more datapoints than any other crawler on the planet. Meet the reports that help you harness this data.


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Crawl Maps Crawl Maps Discover how search engine spiders traverse your webpages and better understand the underlying structure of your website. Read More
Performance Performance Collect Web Vitals data at scale to spot template issues, and check every single URL for Lighthouse tests. Read More
Structured Data Structured Data Extract structured data and automatically validate it against Google and guidelines. Read More
Internal URLs Internal URLs Investigate problems with URL syntax, explore directory structures and identify issues with redirecting URLs and redirect chains. Read More
Indexability Indexability Check for overlapping or inconsistent robots directives, canonical issues and robots.txt configuration errors. Read More
Links Links Understand how internal links are distributed around your site, and identify issues such as broken links and redirects. Read More
On Page On Page Fix common issues with on-page SEO, identify thin pages and duplicate content, and check sentiment and readability scores. Read More
Duplicate Content Duplicate Content Find duplicate content issues with HTML content (including similar content), titles, meta descriptions and H1s. Read More
Security Security Perform a website security audit to identify risk and vulnerabilities with your website. Read More
Resources Resources Crawl every resource on your website to find things like broken images, and missing or redirected scripts. Read More
Content Extraction & Search Content Extraction & Search Point-and-click content extraction and advanced content search to scrape specific content while you crawl. Read More
Code Coverage Code Coverage Find out how much JavaScript and CSS code is executed on each page of the website, versus how much is loaded. Read More
Accessibility Accessibility Use our accessibility audit tool to identify violations and highlight opportunities to improve. Read More
AMP AMP Identify any URLs with corresponding AMP HTML pages, and check these AMP pages for technical issues. Read More
International International Validate your hreflang implementation and check that hreflang tags are valid, reciprocal, unique, consistent and self-referential. Read More
XML Sitemaps XML Sitemaps Identify orphan pages, and scan your XML sitemaps for redirects, errors and indexation issues. Read More
Search Traffic Search Traffic Identify traffic gaps by overlaying search traffic data, through Google Analytics and Search Console integrations. Read More
Keywords Keywords Connect technical SEO with rankings and keyword data, by integrating Google Search Console keyword data. Read More
Crawl Crawl Find out how crawler-friendly your website is, and exactly what search engines will come across when they crawl your website. Read More