Prioritization: the secret to laser-focused website audits

Instantly understand which issues warrant your attention.

Griffin Roer

Griffin Roer


Running a Sitebulb crawl is the first step in our SEO audit process. The clean reports and prioritized recommendations help us quickly establish where we need to focus our efforts. Sitebulb allows the Uproer SEO team to work more efficiently when auditing and tracking SEO improvements.

The key step in your audit workflow

Prioritization is the key factor in making your website audit workflow an efficient process.

Sitebulb fits perfectly into this workflow, helping you understand where to focus your time on multiple different levels.

Instead of wasting time digging through data in spreadsheets, Sitebulb will help you hone in on the problem straightaway, so you can spend your time trying to understand it.

Dive into areas of weakness

Top level audit scores for each area of optimization mean you can quickly identify which area is holding a site back, allowing you to dive in and investigate further.

Low Pagespeed score

Audit scores enable you to make a quick assessment without spending valuable time digging deep into the data.

Never miss critical issues

The intuitive scoring system ensures that critical issues jump out and demand your attention, without risk of being overlooked.

Critical issues

Skip over things that don't move the needle

Just as important, don't waste time with less important items that can be saved for later.

Low importance Hints

Understand the wider context

Each Hint provides a range of different data points to help you understand what you are looking at in the wider context, making prioritization decisions more straightforward.

Quick descriptions and longer explainer articles help you understand what you're looking at, and when to panic because something is really wrong.

Hint Labels

Drill down without leaving the tool

When you do find an issue you want to explore further, Sitebulb's robust, flexible reporting interface allows you to interrogate the data and drill down further into any aspect, to help you reach conclusions more quickly.

Helpful Hints demo

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