Sitebulb Cloud: The Best Cloud Crawler for SEO Teams

Cloud-based crawlers are the way forward for all levels of SEO. As more and more cloud crawlers hit the market you may find yourself inundated with options, and struggling to decide which product is the best for your team. Well, there’s no need to worry - we can answer that question for you.

9 reasons why Sitebulb Cloud is perfect for your SEO team

Here is a comprehensive list of reasons why Sitebulb Cloud is the best for your SEO team.


Sitebulb is known not only for our cost-effectiveness but also our commitment to fair and transparent pricing. We’re cheaper than the majority of cloud crawlers on the market (for some we’re literally half the price), and yet we still don’t feel the need to charge extra for specialist features such as JavaScript rendering. We just don’t think that’s necessary.

Our subscription model means that operational costs are easy to predict and monitor, for more effective budgeting. And, there’s no need for substantial investment in team members’ machines, or on-site servers. We’re trying to help you, not rob you.

Easy to set up and manage

We have plenty of resources to make setting up Sitebulb and learning how to use it easy and straightforward. Our crawl settings are great for most sites, but also easy to tweak and customise if you want to work in a more specific way. And, if you’re switching from Sitebulb Desktop to Sitebulb Cloud, you’re already halfway there, as your cloud server is accessed through our desktop product. This also means that you have access to both a desktop and cloud crawler, to suit every kind of audit.

One of the many benefits of cloud crawlers is the fact that there’s no need to carry out manual updates to desktop applications, or navigate time-consuming IT admin approvals to gain access through firewalls. You can also expect less downtime and improved responsiveness. Take a little time back, on us.

Crawl without limits

We don’t agree with the way most crawlers exercise limits - they’re unnecessary and unhelpful, and we don’t want to restrict our clients’ ability to work. Sitebulb Cloud lets you add as many websites and projects as you need, and crawl multiple websites concurrently. This means that if you’re an avid multitasker and often find yourself juggling multiple clients, there’s no need to choose between them.

If you need to change your crawl settings and reaudit a website, many other crawlers would make you use valuable crawl credits to do so. It’s also common for some website auditing tools to charge you double credits to use JavaScript rendering. We don’t do either of these things.

Greater team collaboration

Hoping to grow your team, or already managing a sizeable workforce? There’s room for your entire SEO Team in Sitebulb Cloud. Accessing the same data at the same time is invaluable when collaborating on big projects - it reduces the risks of:

  • Losing client data when switching accounts
  • Loss of access to information when members of your team are on annual/sick leave
  • Mistakes made through miscommunication

Your server will be the central location for all of your audits, and the base of operations for your entire team to work from. This also enhances the level of support you’re able to provide to your employees and colleagues as they work.

Google Sheets and Looker Studio integrations

What use is curating the perfect tools for your SEO utility belt if they don’t play well together? If you’re switching to Sitebulb Cloud, we don’t want to cause any additional disruption to your working style, which is why we’ve always aimed to make it easy for you to use us in tandem with other programmes.

Sitebulb automatically exports all data to Google Sheets once your audit is complete. Also, for top-level overviews and comprehensive monitoring, you can fully customise your automated dashboards in Looker Studio.

Change tracking

Being quick to see and respond to change is so important in the world of SEO. That’s why we’ve put a lot of thought into how we can help you to track change. This includes features such as giving you a clear change history that provides helpful historical context, and comprehensive audit comparisons, to give you a complete overview of anything that’s changed.

Task prioritisation

Our Hints system can identify and prioritise over 300 different issues and opportunities during auditing. Not only that, but each Hint comes with its own detailed explanation on our website - we’ll tell you why the issue is important, how it has come to be, and how best to tackle it. We like to think of our collection of Hints as a technical SEO training manual, perfect for agency staff with less specialised SEO experience, or more junior SEOs.

This is one of Sitebulb’s most unique and helpful features - we’re pretty proud of it, if you can’t tell.

Recurring audits without fail

Through Sitebulb Cloud you can set recurring audits to run constantly in the background. One of the best things about working via the cloud is that there’s no need to rely on a local machine being switched on and running to see these audits done.

Not only does this eliminate the risk of something interfering with your desktop and ruining your work, but it’s also more energy efficient, and allows for more flexibility in your team’s working day. Go ahead, switch off your computer - your audit will be waiting for you when you return.

Scales with your team

When you’re experiencing a period of growth, the last thing you need is your website auditing tool setting you back or standing in your way. Sitebulb Cloud adapts to suit all of your crawling needs, whether you’re working with small websites or large enterprises. Not only does this mean we appeal to a broad audience, but it also gives us the opportunity to grow and develop alongside our clients.

Sitebulb makes it easy for you to:

  • Add new clients - set up a new project for no additional cost, and run multiple audits at the same time
  • Upgrade when you need to - our product tiers are pretty flexible, but should you find yourself needing space to grow, it’s easy to do
  • Invite the rest of your team - Enjoy a few free Sitebulb Desktop licences with your Cloud subscription

Joining Sitebulb Cloud is easy

We won’t make you jump through hoops or go through a lengthy sales call to get a simple quote. If you’re interested in Sitebulb Cloud for your team, view our plans and pricing here.

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