Boosting client retention and agency success with Sitebulb Cloud

Your ability to retain customers over time, and to not only keep those customers around, but also keep them happy, is key to the success of your agency. To call it vital would be an understatement. This is why you should be on the lookout for anything that has the potential to increase your SEO client retention.

Sitebulb Cloud has features that can help you boost your client retention rate, which will in turn help your agency to grow and thrive.

Here’s how.

How Sitebulb Cloud helps you retain clients & grow

Here’s a list of just a few of the ways in which using Sitebulb Cloud can help you to increase your agency’s success through client retention.

Be proactive

A problem found quickly is a problem solved quickly - maybe before it’s even had a chance to cause your client any problems. Showing your client that you’re actively on the lookout for any potential hazards will prove to them how much their custom and partnership means to you, and can boost their loyalty.

Running regular recurring crawls - every month, every week, or even every day(!) - this allows you to stay on top of client website changes, even if they don’t tell you about them!

Sitebulb Cloud allows you to set up recurring crawl schedules that will just run in the background so that the data is ready for when you need it next. And since Sitebulb Cloud does not implement a ‘crawl credits’ system like other cloud crawlers, you don’t need to worry about blowing through your crawl credits.

This means you can discover potential issues before they become actual issues, which your clients will definitely thank you for!

Deliver more value without over-servicing

If one of your goals is to be a more efficient SEO team, Sitebulb Cloud’s intuitive interface can save you valuable time, energy and money in your auditing. Crawling through the cloud won’t tie your computer up for days, and it’s been designed with API access in mind, saving you time on reporting and allowing you to easily use your Sitebulb data to flesh out your own dashboard and automation preferences.

With those things taken care of, you can spend more time getting to know your clients and understanding what exactly it is they need. This means that the work you provide will be more valuable on the whole, and improve your relationship with clients (and consequently, your ability to retain them).

This high level of prioritization will keep you from over-servicing your clients, as your attention will always be focused on the high-impact SEO tasks that align with your client’s goals and objectives.

Problem-solve together

When looking to tackle an issue as a team, are you wasting time reiterating and sharing your results with colleagues who would much rather be able to log in and see them for themselves? As a cloud crawler, multiple people in your team can access your Sitebulb Cloud data simultaneously, from different locations, allowing for true teamwork and collaboration.

Not only is this great for solving problems as a collective, but it enables managers to easily stay up to date with how their teams are getting on, and provide more responsive and detailed support for any issues they may face. Together, this reduces the chances of any miscommunication between your agency and your clients, as everyone is able to keep eyes on the task at hand.

Get buy-in for the fixes that matter most

Our hints and prioritization system will show you and your team which issues need your immediate attention. This reduces the risk of getting caught up in mundane tasks, to the detriment of bigger problems that could quickly become serious fires if allowed to burn for too long.

The prioritization system also helps to provide easy explanations for and descriptions of each issue that arises, helping you to pitch your recommended course of action to your clients with ease. Being able to easily and confidently show a client the most pressing issue of the day, explain it in layman’s terms, and suggest a solution, increases the likelihood of them taking your recommendation - and being happy with your work.

Stay ahead of competitors

Easily keep an eye on your clients’ competitors thanks to Sitebulb’s lack of limits. Perfect for SEO teams looking to crawl the competition and monitor what they’re up to, Sitebulb Cloud has no limit on projects, so you can set one up for each rival and spend some time studying their moves.

Every client has a competitor they want to emulate, and one they don’t want to be associated with. Being able to study the competition and the differences between them can only bolster your client’s confidence - in you, and consequently in themselves. If they begin to see you as key to that confidence, they’re far more likely to keep you around.

Show the impact of your work

Demonstrating the impact of technical SEO can be a tricky task. Thankfully the Sitebulb overview feature provides you with an easy way of tracking improvements over time, and presents this data in a visual form that is easy for everyone to understand, be they manager, client or stakeholder. Our transparent pricing breakdown helps to show exactly how we provide value, and how low our prices are when looking at them side by side with our competitors.

Being able to clearly show your clients how your work is impacting their business is a surefire way to make them want to stick around and see what else you can do. And really, that’s what client retention is all about.

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