A Transparent Breakdown of Sitebulb Cloud Pricing for Agencies

Keeping pricing obscure, while also being part of what’s thought of as a refined sales cycle, is often aimed at making it harder to shop around. Despite lots of experts advocating for transparent pricing, it continues to frustrate agencies everywhere as they search for the tools they need. Downloading a free demo and loving what you find, only to discover a week later that it’s way beyond your budget, is a waste of everyone’s time.

If you’re confident in your product, why would you want to make it more difficult for prospective clients to see the full picture of your services? Luckily at Sitebulb, we have nothing to hide, which is why we’ve put together a transparent breakdown of the costs of Sitebulb Cloud for agencies. Use this guide to see just how well Sitebulb Cloud can fit your budget, increase efficiency, and what an affordable punch it can pack.

Overview of key financial benefits for agencies

  • Our pricing plans allow teams to budget with ease, and show exactly what features you’ll get in each tier
  • With Sitebulb you have the flexibility to scale your projects both up or down without needing to upgrade your plan or buy more credits
  • Prices start from just $245 per month - far lower than the majority of cloud crawlers on the market
  • We don’t impose project limits, so your SEO team is free to crawl all of your clients' sites - and their competitors’, for good measure
  • Take on that big client you’ve been worrying about - with Sitebulb, you can handle them

Sitebulb Cloud pricing

Take a look at our breakdown of Sitebulb Cloud pricing for agencies:

Pricing Table

What Sitebulb Cloud’s affordability could mean for you and your agency

When thinking about the costs of Sitebulb Cloud for agencies, we like to focus on the ways we can help keep them down.

No more capped limitations

The crawl credit system that many crawlers impose can leave you second-guessing yourself and holding back in your auditing plans. Not to mention they don’t give you any leeway when it comes to juggling multiple projects or unexpected problems that arise. Making you fork out for extra crawl credits isn’t exactly helpful - and yet why do so many agencies accept this as the norm?

Sitebulb Cloud doesn’t impose any limitations on the number of crawls or projects - this means no unexpected additional costs.

No more shared space

Everyone wants a place of their own. We provide you with a fully managed server for your cloud crawler - one that you don’t have to share with other agencies, or worry about paying maintenance costs towards. We understand that sharing is caring, but it’s nice to not have to.

Easy scalable solutions

Speaking of servers, how do you like the sound of one that’s custom-built for your needs? This feature makes Sitebulb infinitely scalable - able to fit the needs of everyone, from consultants up to large enterprises - and makes us the best cloud crawler for SEO teams of all sizes. This level of customisation ensures that you only pay for the features you really want - leaving you with more budget to play with elsewhere.

Free Desktop Pro licences

You might already be familiar with our desktop offering - maybe it’s why you’re looking into Sitebulb Cloud in the first place - and if so, you’re in luck. With all our Cloud plans, you also get Sitebulb Pro desktop licenses included as part of your subscription cost. This is great for when multiple users need to run audits simultaneously and will save you a significant amount of money. It also allows you to keep your cloud server 'clean' with all the recurring projects set up for all your clients, and make use of the desktop instances to run little ad hoc crawls, tests and competitor audits.

This means you get both a desktop crawler and a cloud crawler with Sitebulb Cloud - literally the only tool on the planet that gives you this kind of flexibility.

Concurrent crawling included

‘Time is money’ may be a tired phrase, but the ability to crawl multiple websites concurrently is a time-saver that’s worth considering. This feature reduces the time needed to complete projects, which can lead not only to labour cost savings, but also increased productivity - your team gets a little more free time, without compromising results.

Reduced hardware costs for teams

Because of the amount of RAM and CPU they use, desktop crawlers can be tough on your computer. There’s only so much ‘switching it off and on again’ you can handle before the situation starts to feel like the only remaining solution will be… expensive. Before you fret about replacing anyone’s laptop, consider the fact that cloud servers offload the resource-intensive work of crawling from local machines, potentially extending the life of hardware and reducing replacement or upgrade costs for team members.

Access from anywhere with an internet connection

One of the major benefits of cloud servers, and a feature that positively impacts many aspects of agency life, is the fact that they can be accessed from anywhere. In terms of expenses, this massively reduces the need for investment in office infrastructure, as it allows your team to work from home - or wherever else they may be. This sort of flexibility means you can give your team more freedom, the likes of which are known to have a positive impact on productivity and employee satisfaction, which is great for business.

Automation of recurring tasks

It may not seem like a big deal, but the ability to set up scheduled audits and other automated tasks reduces a surprising amount of manual labour. Obviously, this saves time and makes processes slicker - but it’ll also result in a reduction in associated labour costs.

No extra cost for JavaScript crawling

Unlike some other services, Sitebulb does not charge extra for JavaScript crawling. In fact, we’re one of the only crawlers you can use where JavaScript crawling isn’t reserved for higher tiers, or only available by paying a surcharge. If your projects regularly involve JavaScript-heavy sites​, using Sitebulb Cloud could result in significant savings for your team.

We’re the most affordable comprehensive cloud crawler on the market - and transparent about our pricing

We don’t have anything to lose from being transparent about our prices. If you like what you see, book a demo today.

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