About Sitebulb

Sitebulb is website auditing reimagined. We make website audits easier, more efficient, more accurate, and more affordable with our revolutionary yet robust Desktop and Cloud software tool. 

Our motivation has always been “how do we make a better solution?” Everything we do is based around giving better data back to the user, and we work tirelessly to keep doing this.

We’re a small team of super capable, passionate people that want to make a difference and give back to the SEO community that supports us. Like all good SEOs, we take a great deal of pride in what we do but we enjoy a joke while we’re doing it.

Our vision

To be the favourite website auditing solution of all SEOs, however advanced they are in their SEO journey.

Our mission

To provide website data to our users that is prioritized, easy to understand, easy to analyze, affordable and accessible, whatever their budget. 

Our values

Continuous Improvement

We motivate ourselves and our users to learn, develop, and improve


We're honest, respectful, and true to our word; if we stuff up, we'll say so


We take our work seriously but we don’t take ourselves too seriously

Thinking Differently

We challenge the status quo and we’re always asking "why"

Our team

Gareth Brown

Gareth Brown

Director of Development

Gareth is the software developer behind the actual software, and his pace is relentless - every day he codes like he’s running out of time. Whilst he embraces his role as the driving force, he is so easily distracted by the 'new and shiny' that he spends most of his time building things that are not actually on the roadmap.

Patrick Hathaway

Patrick Hathaway

Customer Success

Patrick prefers to take his time, and would rather things are 'done right' than simply 'done'. His in-built perfectionism is both a boon for QA and a massive annoyance to Gareth. Patrick writes the written bits in Sitebulb and seems to spend most of his time being abusive to customers in his beloved release notes.

Jojo Furnival

Jojo Furnival

Content Marketing Manager

Jojo is a born wordsmith, and she also happens to be an SEO. Equal parts content strategist and doer, it’s her job to communicate the value of Sitebulb to the masses. When Jojo isn’t wrestling with content, you can find her trudging through fields with her King Charles Cavalier; above all else, she is a dog mum.

James Crawshaw

James Crawshaw


James has worked with Gareth for years on numerous projects. As an engineer, James likes to work in a systematic way, but also knows that sometimes you just need to get stuff out the door. When not working on software, he avoids working on his cars, which can usually be found on axle stands on his driveway. If he hasn't told you about his dog, Hank, he soon will.

Kevin Letchford

Kevin Letchford


Kevin: where design meets code. A creative designer and front-end developer. Kevin strives for seamless experiences, he’s an avid climber and always looking for the next beta, whether that’s in the tool or on the wall.

Our awards

Since Sitebulb launched in 2017, we’ve received some fantastic awards.
We want to thank the incredible SEO community for your support.

Best Search Software Tool

Best Search Software Tool

Best Search Software Tool UK

Best Software Innovation

Causes we support

We’re a small team here at Sitebulb, but we try to do the right thing by supporting the people, initiatives, and causes that matter to us. Every month, we give back by donating to these projects:

Climate Crisis

We are a climate positive workforce. Through Ecologi, we have planted nearly 30,000 trees and reduced over 1000 tonnes of CO2.

St Michael’s Hospice

Providing help and support to patients and their families with dying, death and loss.


Every ten seconds, they respond to a call for help.

Campaign Against Living Miserably

Uniting the nation against suicide.


Providing shelter, support and life skills to young people aged 16-25 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Spinal Injuries Association

The expert, guiding voice for life after spinal cord injury.

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Company Registration Number: 12125600

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