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Over 300 site optimization checks pre-processed for you.

Yanni Papaioannou

Yanni Papaioannou


Sitebulb is a powerful modern crawler for SEOs of any level. The smart analysis it provides includes important scoring metrics and quick insights with descriptions helping everyone understand what it reports before you deep dive into the crawl data.

Your checklist done for you

Every time you complete a website audit, Sitebulb will pre-process over 300 common optimization checks, and present these as context-specific ‘Hints’.

Hints are checks that are typically time-consuming or complex to put together manually. Instead of messing around in Excel for hours, let Sitebulb do all this heavy lifting for you.

Focus on the things that matter

Every Hint comes with an importance status - Critical, High, Medium or Low - so you can instantly see where the issues lie and where to focus your time. The scoring system also helps you to prepare a prioritized set of recommendations for your client or developer, so the most important stuff gets dealt with first.

Critical issues

Everything explained for you

Every Hint description is written in a very deliberate style:

  • Sentence 1: This is what the issue is.
  • Sentence 2: This is why it could cause problems on your website.

The significance of the problem is explained for you - no need to write it out again. You can copy/paste directly out of Sitebulb into your own reports, or just use Sitebulb's built-in PDF reporting to do it all for you.

Every Hint also comes with a call to action button to 'Learn more', which takes you to a dedicated page on our website that explains exactly what the issue is and how to resolve it. You can either follow along yourself or pass it straight on to your developer to fix.

Hint zoom in

Drill down into problems

Some Hints also provide contextual help, allowing you to drill down into the details by highlighting on-page issues that are difficult to dig into without searching through source code.

Helpful Hints demo

Make reporting easier

Whether you use them to save time on reporting, or use them to help show new SEOs the ropes, you’ll find Sitebulb’s Hints continually useful.

Find out how Sitebulb’s Hints work to save you time:

Unpick complex configurations

Sitebulb identifies chained or conflicting directives, that are extremely hard to spot manually.

Complex Hints
Coverage percentage

Understand the scale of the issue

Each Hint shows a percentage of URLs affected, so you can instantly see if an issue is widespread or only affects a few pages.

Check 'All Hints' to see every issue

Scroll through the 'All Hints' page to see every single issue that affects your website, or view each report individually to better understand the context.

All Hints

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