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Structured Data Change History Timeline

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March 2023

Modified required property on Learning Video rich result

Google updated their Learning Video search feature documentation, adding a clarification for the required property educationalAlignment.

Now there is a new statement about including multiple values:

"While you may provide multiple educationalAlignment values, it is not guaranteed that all of these values will be used for Learning Video features. If multiple values are provided, and the feature can only use one educationalAlignment value, the feature uses the first value that you provide."


December 2022

Modified required property on Learning Video rich result

Google updated the documentation regarding the recommended property of text ("the text of the question that's being solved in the video"), which previously contained a red box stating 'The text property is required if the learningResourceType property is set to Problem walkthrough.' This has now been removed, so text falls back to just being a recommended property for all types of learning video.

August 2022

Clarification added to a required property for Learning Video rich result

Google added the full list of supported academic values for educationalLevel in the Learning Video structured data documentation.

June 2022

New Rich Result for Learning Video

This is a brand new rich result for websites that provide academic educational videos, aimed at helping students and teachers find learning-based video content.

Examples of acceptable content types include:

  • Concept overview: The video is explaining a topic or concept.
  • Problem walkthrough: The video shows the method or steps to solve an academic problem, such as a math or science word problem.
  • Real life application: The video shows how a concept is applied or used in real life.
  • Activity: The video shows a demonstration or application of a learning activity, such as an example, an improv game, a concept map, a peer review, or a forced debate.
  • Science experiment: The video shows a science experiment.
  • Lecture: The video shows a class, lecture, or webinar.
  • How-to: The video provides a method or series of steps to do something. For video that are solving procedural STEM problems, use the Problem walkthrough type.
  • Tips: The video is sharing tips and tricks.
  • Professional learning: The video teaches skills related to job training.

The Learning Video rich result is available in English in all regions where Google Search is available. The feature is only available when searching for academic learning content on desktop and mobile.

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