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Structured Data Change History Timeline

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March 2023

Removed South Korea from the available regions for Job Posting rich results

The job search experience is available on Google across different regions of the world. They removed support for South Korea from the region availability - read this article for an explanation why.

June 2022

Clarification on a required property for Job Posting rich results

One of the required properties for JobPosting is jobLocation, and Google have just updated their documentation to clarify that you must also include the addressCountry property.

November 2021

Clarification to Job Posting documentation

Not announced by Google, they made additions in multiple places to the Job Posting documentation, to add greater clarity in terms of how to use certain properties:

  • hiringOrganization - If the organization is hiring anonymously (for example, a staffing agency on behalf of an anonymous employer or an employer directly on your platform), use the confidential value.
  • directApply - You likely offer a direct apply experience if the job posting includes instructions on how to apply (for example, the job posting lists the email address, phone number, or physical address where they can submit the application) or directly schedule an interview with an employer. These instructions must be for directly contacting the actual company hiring for the job, or their representative.

They also added clarification under the section 'Content doesn't match the structured data':

"Another example is when the job salary is in the markup but not on the job page. This is also a violation of the content guidelines, as all information in the markup must be visible on the job page."


October 2021

Property changed from required to recommended for Job Posting rich result

Google removed validThrough from its list of required properties for the Job Posting rich result, and added it to the recommended properties list.


July 2021

Added recommended property for Job Posting rich result

Google added a new recommended property of directApply, which allows you to indicate whether the user can directly apply for the job on the URL in question, without lots of intermediate steps like logging in more than once on the application journey.

Additionally, they also added editorial guidelines to the content policy, which clarifies that they do not allow spammy content or even grammatically incorrect content.

May 2021

Updated regional availability for Job Posting rich result

Google updated their documentation to clarify that the Job Posting rich result is now also available in Austria and Denmark.

March 2021

Clarification to Job Posting documentation

Google updated the Job Posting rich results documentation, on one of the new 'Education and experience' beta properties: experienceRequirements.monthsOfExperience.

They have added an additional example to clarify the meaning of 'minimum number of months of experience'.



Added beta recommended properties for Job Posting rich results

Google added a whole new section to the documentation, entitled 'Education and experience properties (beta)', regarding job requirements or educational qualifications.

In total there are 5 new recommended properties:

  • educationRequirements
  • educationRequirements.credentialCategory
  • experienceRequirements
  • experienceRequirements.monthsOfExperience
  • experienceInPlaceOfEducation

As per usual with beta updates, these have a caveat that you may not see any appearance or affect in Google Search right away.

October 2020

Added image specification for logos on 3rd party job sites

Only applicable when dealing with a third-party job site, you can provide a different logo for a given organization than the image shown in the organization's Knowledge Graph card, by including the logo property in the hiringOrganization array.

Google updated the Job Posting documentation to add image ratio specifications to this property (hiringOrganization.logo); the image width and height ratio must be between 0.75 and 2.5.

May 2020

Updated content policies for Job Posting rich result

Updated the Job posting content policies to have a clear structure and language that describes what Google will enforce. Added the following new policies: Irrelevant content, Incomplete content, Misrepresentation, Profanity and vulgar language, Advertisements disguised as a job posting, Legal removal requests, Expired job postings, Jobs without a way to apply, Resume collection, Job requests, Payment required.

April 2020

Added work from home details to Job Posting documentation

Updated the JobPosting structured data documentation to highlight markup for work from home jobs. Added a screenshot of the feature in Google Search, a code example, and a banner at the top of the documentation.

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