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Structured Data Change History Timeline

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November 2023

Lots of recommended properties added for Q&A rich result


The documentation for the Q&A rich result has had a significant update, with six recommended properties added to both Question and Answer. Additionally, the Comment type has been added, which can optionally be used to describe clarifications or discussions about the question or answer which are neither question nor answer (define Comments inside the Question or Answer, as values for the comment property).

Previously, the only recommended properties for Question were text and upvoteCount, and the only recommended properties for Answer were url and upvoteCount.

These are the new recommended properties that have been added to both Question and Answer:

  • author
  • comment
  • dateModified
  • datePublished
  • image
  • video
October 2021

Several recommended properties removed from Q&A rich result


Google have removed the properties below from their recommended list, stating that they are "unused by Google Search" and that the Rich Result Test doesn't flag warnings for them.

  • mainEntity.dateCreated
  • mainEntity.suggestedAnswer.dateCreated
  • mainEntity.acceptedAnswer.dateCreated

November 2020

Updated guidelines for Q&A rich result, for STEM related pages


Google added a new content guideline to the documentation for QAPage, relating specifically to pages about STEM education Q&As. Pages where the primary focus is to provide a correct answer to a user-submitted homework question may be eligible for a Q&A carousel experience. These pages may only have a single answer that's provided or selected by in-house experts (instead of users).
The docs also include an example: "An education page where a user submitted a single question, and a top answer is selected by experts."

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