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Structured Data Change History Timeline

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January 2024

Schema v25.0 released

Added support for Certifications and a few smaller updates:

  • Added Certification to allow the specification of certifications for places, organizations, products, and persons. Compatible with gs1:CertificationDetails.
  • Added colorSwatch.
  • Added KeepProduct for ReturnMethodEnumeration.

Schema v24.0 released

Added vocabulary for describing types of digital sources (in collaboration with IPTC), and clarifying subtypes of Physician:

  • Added IndividualPhysician, PhysiciansOffice as subtypes of Physician to clarify the longstanding ambiguity between these two different interpretations of the Physician type. Amended occupationalCategory to be applicable here and added usNPI for use with NPI identifiers in the US.
  • To help address situations around the responsible use of generative AI, we add a "digital source type" vocabulary based on IPTC's definitions. This consists of a property digitalSourceType, an enumeration type IPTCDigitalSourceEnumeration, and a set of 14 coded values such as TrainedAlgorithmicMediaDigitalSource mapping directly to the IPTC list.
October 2023

Schema v23.0 released

A collection of small fixes based on publisher feedback:

  • Added agentInteractionStatistic to provide a way of counting interactions where the item of interest is in an "agent" rather than "object" role on the relevant Action.
  • Provided a clearer way to indicate non-Comment items that Comments are attached to, by documenting the use of parentItem on CreativeWork in general. Also made it more explicit that this is especially applicable to those creative works beneath Comment in the type hiearchy which are mentioned in the definition, i.e. Question and Answer.
  • Added Comment to the domain of sharedContent to better support link shares on replies/comments even though a lot of sites now support this.
  • Expanded range of uploadDate to include DateTime, correcting a longstanding bug.
  • Improved error reporting in case the parsing of JSON-LD examples fails.
  • Improvements to unit-testing code.
  • Fixed all RDF comments that did not finish with a punctuation. Plus improved reporting of these.


June 2023

Schema v22.0 released

Versions 16-22 released in comparatively quick succession, with a range of smaller fixes and updates, including:

  • Removed unnecessary reference to geo prefix in Json-ld context file.
  • Added example for Drug type.
  • Added tripOrigin.
  • Added PoliticalParty as type of Organization.
  • Fixed a typo in maximumVirtualAttendeeCapacity ("physical" instead of "virtual").
  • Added DefinedTerm as an expected value for measurementTechnique and measurementMethod.
  • Added an explicit subtype of MediaObject for text: TextObject, and made it a possible expected value for description.
  • Noted that thumbnail is potentially applicable to any CreativeWork.
  • Removed "courseLength" and added courseSchedule to properly reflect consensus of the public discussion. Added observationPeriod to accompany the recent additions around Observation.
  • Amended additionalType to anticipate textual values.
  • Consistent formatting of ISSN text in examples.
  • Reword definition of timeRequired to be less specific to learning resources.
  • Added Microdata example for BlogPosting.
  • Added an example of ESIP Science-On-Schema markup to Dataset and ResearchProject.
  • Added PerformanceRole example actor property.
  • Corrected priceCurrency examples in Offer examples.
  • Added bed and occupancy to Accomodation and added a subtype of LodgingBusiness called VacationRental.
  • Improvements to Course, introducing properties courseLength, totalHistoricalEnrollment, financialAidEligible, and syllabusSections, alongside side a supporting type, Syllabus.
  • The titleEIDR property is now also expected on TVSeason and TVSeries, reflecting industry practice.
  • Updated the earlier draft of a vocabulary for statistical observations. The StatisticalPopulation construct is no longer central. Introduced a new StatisticalVariable type, an abstraction for properties that can be measured in a particular place and time. These need not be statistical.
October 2022

Schema v15.0 released

Changes in Core section:

Changes in Health-lifesci section:

Changes in Pending section:

March 2022

Schema v14.0 released

Changes to the Core section:

Additionally, changes made to the 'Pending' section.

July 2021

Schema v13.0 released

Lots of changes to the Pending section, plus two additions to the Core section:

May 2021

Schema Markup Validator tool in beta

The Structured Data Testing Tool's new replacement is now in beta, in the form of the Schema Markup Validator tool.

To load any page into the Schema Markup Validator with just one click, we've created a handy bookmarklet which you can find here: Schema Markup Validator bookmarklet.

March 2021

Schema v12.0 released

Changes to the Core section:

Additionally, changes made to the 'Pending' section.

November 2020

Schema v11.0 released

Changes to the Core section:

  • Fixed typo in description of ReceiveAction.
  • Fixed invalid JSON-LD in example #eg-0449 on VideoGame.
  • Removed redundant property definitions for upvoteCount & downvoteCount.
  • Fixed invalid term links identified in Examples files.

Additionally, changes made to the 'Pending' section.

September 2020

Schema v10.0 released

Changes to the Core section:

  • Improve support for controlled taxonomies (e.g. SKOS) by supporting URLs into taxonomies for the keywords field: added URL and DefinedTerm as expected values.
  • SkiResort should be a subclass of Resort (in addition to the existing SportsActivityLocation supertype).
  • A parentItem of a Comment should be a Comment, not a Question.
  • The supertype of Question should be Comment, by analogy with Answer.
  • Changed description to reviewBody in a Review example.

Additionally, changes made to the 'Pending' section.

July 2020

Schema v9.0 released

Changes to the Core section:

  • Improvements around enumerations. Some code improvements to present subtyped Enumerations more usefully, and addition of a StatusEnumeration type to group numerous enumerations from various kinds of status-related situations.
  • Fixed definition of LockerDelivery and ParcelService to correctly define them as enumeration members of DeliveryMethod.
  • Defined expected type of several properties in ExercisePlan to be QuantitativeValue instead of the incorrect value of QualitativeValue.

Additionally, changes made to the 'Pending' and 'health-lifesci' sections.

April 2020

Schema v8.0 released

No Core changes, however some changes made to the 'Pending' section.


Schema v7.04 released

Changes to the Core section:

  • EducationalOrganization has an additional supertype of CivicStructure, clarifying that it can be used with announcementLocation.

Additionally, changes made to the 'Pending' section.


Schema v7.03 released

No Core changes, however some changes made to the 'Pending' section.

March 2020

Schema v7.02 released

No Core changes, however some changes made to the 'Pending' section.


Schema v7.01 released

No Core changes, however some changes made to the 'Pending' section.


Schema v7.0 released

Changes to the Core section:

  • Removed several largely un-used medical health properties whose names were inappropriately general: action, background, cause, cost, function, indication, origin, outcome, overview, phase, population, purpose, source, subtype. Note that we do not remove terms casually, but in the current case the usability consequences of keeping them in the system outweighed the benefits of retaining them, even if flagged as archived/superseded.
  • Introduced a VirtualLocation type, to support description of Events whose location is online. Added eventAttendanceMode to clarify the current attendance mode of an event (online, offline or a mix). Also added a new enumeration value for eventStatus for Event: EventMovedOnline.

Additionally, changes made to the 'Pending' and 'bib' sections.

January 2020

Schema v6.0 released

Changes to the Core section:

  • Made itemOffered and offers fully inverseOf each other.
  • Reworded datePosted to avoid tying this property to overly-specific usecase (i.e. it originally assumed usage only with JobPosting).
  • Shortened definition of PreOrder from ItemAvailability enumeration.
  • Added note to descriptions for Offer and AggregateOffer indicating default businessFunction.
  • Extended rangeIncludes of datePublished to include DateTime.
  • Added MusicRecording as an expected value of audio.
  • Added Person and Organization to the domain for interactionStatistic.
  • Added MediaGallery as a super-type of ImageGallery and VideoGallery, to allow for a mixed-media collection page type.
  • Added BroadcastService to the domain for inLanguage.
  • Added SportsEvent to the domain for sport.

Additionally, changes made to the 'Pending' and 'bib' sections.

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